Today is cold and frosty and I ventured out into the garden to see if I could get some photos.

Firstly I was taking photos of frozen water droplets on the grass. Sadly squatting down to get photos of grass really hurts, so I couldn’t do it for long.

As the sun got higher the frost started to melt and I spotted these beautiful droplets on some Honeysuckle. I love how they look against the blue sky. And these were at the perfect height – no squatting required!

This one is my favourite from this morning I think:

It’s just struck me that most of these have leading lines, so I’m going to include this post in this week’s Lens Artists challenge! A line from the ground up to the point of the blade of grass, drawing your eye to the frozen droplet. A line of the Honeysuckle stalk from left to right drawing your eye to the sparkling droplets.

Sometimes it’s worth getting cold and sore to get the shot that makes you happy 🙂

By Suzy Shipman

I like to take photos and write words ...


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