New visitors

Sometimes you have to go out looking for interesting creatures, but if you’re lucky, they’ll come to you! Here are 2 visitors that came to my garden recently. One I’d never seen before, and one who has certainly never visited my garden before! Definitely my favourite finds of recent months. This one is an Antler…… Continue reading New visitors

3 Favourites (x2)

This week’s Lens-Artists Photo Challenge is “picking favourites”. The challenge is to pick three of your photos that you consider to be among your very best shots, in different categories. I found this very hard! I managed to pick 6 photos that caught my eye as I was scrolling through many hundreds of images. So…… Continue reading 3 Favourites (x2)

Summer in the Dunes

This week’s Lens-Artists Photo Challenge is ‘Summer Vibes’. This coincides beautifully for me as yesterday, my daughter and I had a lovely and quite exciting walk in nearby sand dunes at Ynyslas. As you can imagine, for me, summer is all about the small things, like insects and flower and I was not disappointed! I…… Continue reading Summer in the Dunes


This week’s Lens-Artist Photo Challenge is ‘Seeing Double’. Mostly they are talking about reflection, but I’m looking at refraction too. Out in the garden the other day, there were a lot of droplets, like these ones on the Crocosmia flower buds. If you look closely you can see refracted upside-down images of my house in…… Continue reading Doubled

Spring 2022

Wow, it has been ages since I last blogged! I took a few pictures today for the first time in a while and thought I’d share them here. So here’s a little taste of spring… Primrose Willow catkin Snake’s Head Fritillary Snake’s Head Fritillary Snake’s Head Fritillary bud (looks like…… Continue reading Spring 2022

Weird Weevils

Probably the weirdest small creatures I like to photograph are Weevils. They have a bad name to some as they can be pests, damaging crops, but for me they are just cute little creatures. They look different from ‘normal’ beetles and the main thing is their long snout (called a rostrum). Some are longer than…… Continue reading Weird Weevils

Embellished Ordinary

What could be more ordinary than a wall, a fence, a boardwalk, a shed or path? And yet, the ordinary can be made extraordinary… A paving slab decorated with butterflies: A shed, similarly adorned: What about the path you are walking on? Watch your step, there are beauties beneath your feet!…… Continue reading Embellished Ordinary


I saw that the Lens-Artists Challenge this week is “Seen Better Days”, and this made me think of my cat Bob (or Lord Bob as he prefers to be known). He’s 14 years old now and is not the healthiest, but he’s still going and still happy most of the time. He is on daily meds…… Continue reading Bob

Grey Autumn

I’ve not posted in a while. Personal things going on have meant I lost my blogging mojo for a bit. However, I saw that the Lens-Artists Photo Challenge this week was Colors of Autumn so I thought I’d join in. Now I was going to share some photos of autumn’s gone by with lots of glowing…… Continue reading Grey Autumn