On the Hook, 29/8/20

This week I have been on leave from work so have had more crochet time and I decided to focus on my daughter’s cardigan and my dragonfly jumper.

The cardigan has grown a LOT since I last showed it to you, and it now actually has a whole body and one sleeve!

Once I’ve done the other sleeve there will be some edging and I might do some pockets. I’ll need to check with my daughter whether she wants to wait for pockets or start being able to wear it quicker!

My dragonfly jumper has now got past the armholes:

I have a nasty suspicion that those dragonflies down the middle are wandering off centre a bit, so I’m going to have to have a think. It’s in the round with no turning, and with that kind of pattern, sometimes a bit of wandering occurs. It might just be the way it’s lying on the sofa for the photo but I’m not sure. I’ll try it on again and see if they look straight when it’s being worn. I think I might stop them after the bottom one here is finished off anyway and just carry on plain. Or if I feel they don’t look straight I’ll probably have to frog it back a bit 😭 I’m thinking maybe the first 3 are ok, but we’ll see. I did tidy up the neck line too this week as it was very wobbly. I think it looks much tidier now.

By Suzy Shipman

I like to take photos and write words ...

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