On the Hook, 18/7/20

This week has been exhausting, with work and multiple trips to the vet with my cat, with all the associated anxiety, but I still managed to get quite a lot of crochet done. Bobby (the cat) has an eye ulcer, but fortunately it’s almost all healed now. He says “hello” (with a wink)!

There have been 2 more parts of the Baby Pandemonium CAL and we’re now up to part 4, with part 5 out tomorrow.

Part 3:

I did an extra row in part 3 as it actually ended before the loops were caught up. I couldn’t resist putting in the first row of part 4 early to catch them!

Part 4:

I think the next row will be some more pink, but we’ll see what comes in the pattern tomorrow.

You may have noticed, in the 4th photo there, that the Baby Pandemonium seems to be sitting on a pandemonium-inspired cushion… it’s not really a proper cushion yet, but I finished one side and pinned it onto my Kaleidoscope CAL cushion to see how it will look. Here’s another look without the baby in the way:

Still looking a bit wonky and quirky, but I am happy with it. As you can see it has the granny clusters, waves and loops inspired by the blanket. So because I finished this side, I then started side 2. On this side I’m trying to fit in other stitches and effects that I enjoyed in the CAL.

So here’s side 2 so far:

As with side one, it has the wonky, quirky thing going on! So I’ve put in some bobbles and some of the lovely bead stitch. I’ve just done a row of v-stitch which is going to be the base for some tulips. I haven’t worked out what I’m going to do on the corners yet… if I continue the tulip colour around them it’s going to lose the flower look, so I might do different coloured corners, we’ll see.

After taking a photo of side 2 of the cushion I wanted to show it with side 1:

And then, I decided to throw everything into one photo, so here we have the original Pandemonium CAL finished blanket, the Baby Pandemonium CAL so far, and both sides of my Pandemonium-inspired cushion 😀

Love it! 😀 ❤

By Suzy Shipman

I like to take photos and write words ...


  1. I have been admiring your work for weeks❣️Each project is stunning, visually calming for the spirits, and the best crocheting I’ve ever seen. How do you find these exquisite patterns?


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