On the Hook, 4/4/20

Another peculiar week of working from home and online meetings. Not as stressful as last week, thankfully, but still very odd at times. I will have to venture out later to pick up prescriptions. It’s so weird that something that I used to consider perfectly normally now seems scary and strange.

So anyway, back to crochet…

My lilac cardi has grown and I’ve just done some of the waist shaping. It looks a little odd in the photo as the centre doesn’t meet at the moment, but it should look more sensible when worn, or if not, I’ll go back and just do it straight down.

I made a fun little animation of my progress shots of this cardi so far. It still amazes me after years of crochet how you can take some balls of yarn and turn them into something special. When you compare a photos of the balls of yarn you used with the item you created, there’s some magic in there. Perhaps I am being fanciful, but I do love that transformation 🙂

Last night I decided to make a rainbow. This was inspired by a pattern my mum spotted, and the people putting rainbows in their windows during this lock down period. I didn’t actually read the pattern but the rainbow part looks like it’s along the same lines. I worked as if I was creating a hat, well half a hat, so on each row I increased gradually further and further apart to keep it flat. The bottom edge needed an extra something so I added some popcorns in white to look a bit like clouds. I was considering doing several rows of this, getting narrower each row, but decided to just leave it at one. The first one is a bit wonky, but the 2nd one I made is tidier after learning from the first.

Rainbow 1 is a bit wonky as the hanging chain is not quite central, and the edging row I did around the edge had increases in which has caused a couple of bumps
Rainbow 1 on the right, 2 on the left. 2 is much neater 🙂
Here they are hanging up on the back of my sofa. Rainbow 2 hangs much straighter than 1.
[Apologies to knitters – this is pretty much the only thing I use knitting needles for!]

By Suzy Shipman

I like to take photos and write words ...


  1. Sad to say we are getting used to lockdown….. That said I think our mood will go up and down over the next few weeks. Sat here enjoying breakfast in the sunshine is strange…. There is a strange quiet, this morning even our garden birds seem to be staying in doors. 🤔😊🌞

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