Weird Weevils

Probably the weirdest small creatures I like to photograph are Weevils. They have a bad name to some as they can be pests, damaging crops, but for me they are just cute little creatures. They look different from ‘normal’ beetles and the main thing is their long snout (called a rostrum). Some are longer than others but they all look a bit weird (and wonderful)! They seem to me like teeny tiny elephants!

Here are the weevils I’ve encountered so far:

Weevil (Nettle Weevil?)
I think this one is a Nettle Weevil
Vine Weevil
Vine Weevil
Hazel Leaf-roller
Hazel Leaf Roller
Weevil (Liophloeus tessulatus)
Don’t seem to have a common name for this one, just Latin: Weevil Liophloeus tessulatus
Clay-Coloured Weevil
Clay-Coloured Weevil
Phyllobius (weevil)
Not sure what Weevil this was, but it’s very shiny!
Dock Weevil
Dock Weevil
Tiny Weevil - Euophryum confine
Euophryum confine
Large Pine Weevil
This one is the Large Pine Weevil. The biggest and most impressive Weevil to date!
Figwort Weevil
And this is one of the smallest, the adorable little Figwort Weevil

Inspired by the Lens-Artists Challenge #171 – Weird and Wonderful.

By Suzy Shipman

I like to take photos and write words ...


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