I saw that the Lens-Artists Challenge this week is “Seen Better Days”, and this made me think of my cat Bob (or Lord Bob as he prefers to be known). He’s 14 years old now and is not the healthiest, but he’s still going and still happy most of the time. He is on daily meds for his thyroid, and also has a dodgy heart. He’s only got one functioning eye, tore part of his ear off years ago, has arthritis and is going deaf. He’s recently decided he is a house cat and doesn’t want to go outside anymore, although who would with the weather recently! He also now has pee accidents in various locations which is lovely (sarcasm). Despite all his issues, we love him dearly, so here he is…


And here’s a photo from way back when he joined the family way back in 2007, so cute!

By Suzy Shipman

I like to take photos and write words ...


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