Grey Autumn

I’ve not posted in a while. Personal things going on have meant I lost my blogging mojo for a bit. However, I saw that the Lens-Artists Photo Challenge this week was Colors of Autumn so I thought I’d join in.

Now I was going to share some photos of autumn’s gone by with lots of glowing colourful leaves, but then I realised I had something quite different that I could share…

The colour is grey, and the creature is a seal! But, why is that related to autumn though? Well, in the UK Grey Seals (Halichoerus grypus) breed in autumn and winter, and I was lucky enough to spot some at a visit to Cardigan Island Coastal Farm Park recently just at the beginning of autumn.

Here’s one of the seals having a bask in the sun, and stretching:

Grey Seal
Grey Seal
Grey Seal
Grey Seal

For a while it was just this relaxed guy and a few heads appearing in the sea…

Grey Seal

But then we got to a point where the water was shallow and there was lots of activity.

Grey Seal
Grey Seal
Grey Seal
Grey Seal

Then we were treated to a view of this very well camouflaged seal pup! It was hard to spot as it blended very well with the colour of the rock its mum had left it on.

Grey Seal pup

Hope you enjoyed my probably rather surprising autumnal post!

By Suzy Shipman

I like to take photos and write words ...


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