Shade and Shadow

Shade and shadow can be a pain in photography, but often it adds to the drama, or adds contrast. Here are a few shots from my garden and the village pond recently that have an element of shade and shadow…

This flower was one of our rescues from a garden centre’s bargain shelf, and it seems delighted to have been planted in our garden. It’s blooming well, and apparently providing a bit of food for the locals! The small amount of shadow on the left seems to make that water droplet even brighter!

Daisy like flower with droplet

The droplets on the Alchemilla right by my pond were looking pretty in the sun. There is a lot of shade in this photo due to my wildflowers getting pretty wild!


In this shot of some Red Campion the central top flower looks like the star of the show getting all the sunshine!

Red Campion

More Alchemilla… because who doesn’t like some droplets (and shadows)?!


This little guy was a treat for me. After planting all the plants we rescued (7 in total, only one hasn’t survived) I was hot and tired so went to sit by the pond to rest. And this beauty showed up and sat for ages on the Hemp Agrimony. Thank you Large Red Damselfly, much appreciated 🙂 He stands out quite well with all that shade and shadow behind him.

Large Red Damselfly (m) by my garden pond :)

And finally these two lovely Azure Damselflies were in the mood for love, and perhaps seeking a little privacy in the undergrowth. I quite like the shadow over the male’s face and the beautiful heart shape they make together 🙂

Azure Damselflies mating

Inspired by the Lens Artists Photo Challenge #152 Shades and Shadows

By Suzy Shipman

I like to take photos and write words ...


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