On the Hook – Mosaic Jumper Finished!

Last night I finished crocheting this jumper! 😀

I still have the ends to do, and there are a LOT of them. Hopefully I’ll get them done today and then I can actually wear this 🙂 I’ll probably try and get some photos of me wearing it once they’re done.

Here are the progress photos for this week:

2nd January

This was a bit of a frustrating day as I realised there was an error in what I’d done the previous day, so I had to frog back quite a way and redo this brown/cream section.

3rd January

No more errors this time. This would be about the length where you might stop adding to the body for the crop style version, but I decided I wanted it to be more of a normal length jumper so kept going.

4th January

Gold and blue zigzags appeared.

5th January

All the zigzags were done and I was working on the the next panel on the body.

6th-9th January

No progress shots from these days. I had a lot on my mind with some health issues. I did make some progress though as you can see below. It was a very helpful anxiety calmer during a stressful few days, but I just didn’t feel like posting photos.

10th January

This was last night. I stayed up a bit late (for me) as I was so close to finishing. It looks fab 🙂 I’m really happy with it. The bottom cuff (apparently called the welt) was meant to be in the dark blue colour but I decided I’d prefer to have it in the same colour as the neck and arms.


Now I have the less exciting part to finish. There are many, many ends! I’m not so phased by ends these days though after making 4 blankets and doing all those ends! So hopefully I’ll be able to sit down today and get these sewn in, and maybe I’ll be able to wear it tomorrow. I’ll be able to show it off in virtual work meetings 🙂


I just thought I’d add a comparison as I wasn’t using the yarn specified in the pattern. The yarn it specified was 2 strands held together – one of Drops Alpaca and one of Drops Kid Silk. It would no doubt make a softer, fuzzier but a lot more expensive (about £77) jumper! Alpaca is a 4-ply yarn and Kid Silk is lace so I figured I could replace them both with a single strand of DK and it seems to have worked well. The yarn I used was Cygnet DK which worked out an awful lot cheaper at about £21. These are the colours I chose, in case anyone wants to do something similar:

The first picture is what I posted on my Instagram story when I saw the magazine and wanted to make this jumper! Couldn’t afford it so I was sad, and of course I was busy making blankets, but then Mum said she’d buy the (alternative) yarn for me for Christmas. Thank you Mum x The colours I picked aren’t quite matching, but I think they give the same overall feel to the jumper. I could have gone off and used completely different colours, but I had liked the pictures of it in the magazine so much as they were, so wanted it to be close to that.

By Suzy Shipman

I like to take photos and write words ...


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