On the Hook: Christmas Present Reveal!

Finally I can show you what secret things I was making for about half the year! Back in July, when I finished my Pandemonium Blanket, I was kind of in between projects. I started the Baby Pandemonium when that came out, and I’d made a Pandemonium inspired cushion, but wasn’t totally invested yet. Then I had a bright idea… I’ll make blankets for my family for Christmas! Never mind that the original Pandemonium Blanket took nearly 3 months (11 weeks) to make, and that was just the one! So this mad idea stuck, and so the project began!

I started off by spending quite some time contemplating colour schemes. I looked through photos of my family, reminding myself of the colours of clothes they like to wear, and the colours of their homes and favourite things. These are the colour combinations I came up with, in Stylecraft Special DK (the same yarn as I’d been using for my blanket). Column 1 is my sister – lots of shades of blue and bluey-greens. Column 2 is my uncle – earthy colours to represent his love of gardening. Column 3 is my Mum & Dad. They like greens and purples, and the 3rd and 4th colours in that column just scream Mum to me! I nicknamed the colour-schemes Bluesy, Earthy and Purpley.

Once I had planned the colours, I ordered them from the lovely Wool Warehouse, and they arrived on 23rd July:

As soon as the yarn arrived, and I’d finished working from home for the day, I got started 🙂

There aren’t that many progress photos as, of course, I was rather limited where I could share them! But I did take a few photos to share on the Crochet Sanctuary Facebook group.

Bluesy progress photos:

Earthy progress photos:

Purpley progress photos:

So I crocheted, and I crocheted, and I crocheted… and now you know why progress with non-secret projects was a tad on the slow side!

And eventually, they were finished! 😀

Finished Bluesy:

Finished Earthy:

Finished Purpley:

As Purpley was to be shared between my parents, I thought I’d do them a little extra each.

For my Mum, a quick and simple striped shawl using leftover colours from their blanket:

And for my Dad, a slightly bonkers banner (that I made up as I went along) for his favourite TV programme!

We can’t go and visit my family this year due to Covid, but of course we’ve spoken on the phone and I’m reliably informed that they are very happy with their blankets (and extras) 🙂 I was so excited to see what they thought of them, and feel quite proud of myself for creating 3 lovely blankets in approximately 5 months. It didn’t even get to the point of feeling like a chore to work on them, as the pattern is so lovely. There was a little pressure I was putting on myself as I was aware we were going to need to post them in good time and couldn’t keep going until Christmas Eve or anything! But it was still fun. Even the ends got done without me getting grumpy!

Despite the weirdness of not loading up the car and driving to Mum & Dad’s today, I’m having a good Christmas break. Hope you are too. Merry Christmas!

By Suzy Shipman

I like to take photos and write words ...

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  1. The blankets are gorgeous, anyone would be thrilled to receive them. This winter is the first when I’ve not had crocheting on the go (no chance to go and buy wool – and other projects to get on with) but on a cold day, like today, I wish I had started a blanket as it would keep me war, while adding to it. Mine wouldn’t be as fancy or as colourful though 🙂

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