On the Hook, 26/12/20 (normal service resumes!)

This week I have been doing quite a variety of things! Now all the Christmas crochet is done and dusted, the freedom to crochet whatever I like has gone to my head a bit!

I did a little bit on my Metropolis Cardigan which hasn’t been worked on for many, many months (I think I started it in September 2019!). I don’t think I’ve actually shared progress on this cardi here, so here’s a photo of how it looks as the moment:

The main reason this got put away was because it had reached a pretty boring stage. The lacy panel was really interesting, but now it’s just the same stitches until it’s long enough. It’s a 4-ply yarn too so it grows slowly. I would like to finish it though as it will be a very useful cardi for spring/summer days.

I’ve also been doing a bit more of the Anemone Jumper that I started recently:

Earlier in the week, my Inside Crochet magazine arrived (issue 131), and my daughter asked me to make her the leg warmers. I had to dig through my stash to find some chunky yarn, so the colours are a bit random, and this is what I’ve done so far. This is one finished leg, but it needs the ends sewn in and the seam sewn. Hopefully at some point I will make the other leg!

The next thing I started making is… a sofa for my cat! I saw a post on Facebook from Yarnspirations and thought my cat would love it! So far I have 2 halves of the sofa cushions and I’ve started the bit that wraps around the front and sides. It might take a while as I am now focusing on the last project further down the page!

And last, but not least, I have just started my Mosaic Jumper. This is a pattern from Inside Crochet (issue 129) that I liked the look of when it came out. The suggested yarn is very expensive, so I worked out some replacement cheaper yarn, and my Mum very kindly bought it for me for Christmas. I couldn’t resist getting started on Christmas Day, but it’s not looking that impressive so far! I’ve not reached the mosaic part yet, but I do have a very nice neckline and it won’t be long until I’ve finished the part rows (giving the back of the neck a little extra height).

Can’t wait to get to the next part and start doing my first mosaic crochet! 🙂

By Suzy Shipman

I like to take photos and write words ...


  1. Wonderful! I used to crochet and all sorts of handicraft – but cannot do it anymore since I overused my hands and arms. They cannot work for a longer time without hurting, but I might try 10 minutes and then a rest. So sad about it. I can see the joy you get from doing it!

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