On the Hook, 14/12/20

Well, I’ve slipped out of the habit of weekly crochet updates, but I’m randomly posting today as I’ve finished something that I am allowed to show you!

This is the Amelia Raglan that I started back in June. The body was done with just the rib to finish, and sleeves to add. I picked it up again yesterday and it didn’t take too long to finish. I’ve just sewn in the ends and asked my daughter to take some photos. Bob the cat wanted to be part of the action too 🙂

It doesn’t really go with my dress, but I didn’t fancy a complete outfit change! 🙂 Note my beautiful Pandemonium Blanket that I’m sitting on – it lives here on my work chair making it look more homely ❤

The yarn I used for this jumper is Knit and Purl Ombre Yarn in shade Geode, from Aldi. It contains 20% wool, and I can feel the ‘tingle’ of it. Others in my family would find this more intense and uncomfortable, and would have to rip the jumper off at once, but for me it’s an odd sensation but not exactly unpleasant. When I’m wearing wool, I know about it, but it’s ok. Is anyone else like that? Maybe it’s just because I’m used to weird pains and burning sensations with fibro!

By Suzy Shipman

I like to take photos and write words ...


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