Winter isn’t coming … yet

fire and ice

fire and ice combine
as glistening frozen leaves
reflect the sunset colours
shivering in the golden glow
as winter’s grip takes hold

written by me, December 2012
Frosty Leaves
Snow & Icicles in the garden


even in the deepest days of winter
when darkness falls early
and nights are so long
there remains a glimmer
the merest twinkle of warmer times
glistening in the hidden spaces

written by me, December 2014
Droplets on moss sporophytes
Frosty Ivy Leaves


unravelling the frozen trails
unwrapping the misty shreds of cold
that weigh down our limbs
and our souls

gradually waking
from the heavy sleep of winter

we are breaking out
pushing through the darkness
into the light
knowing that days will be
brighter, warmer, fuller
and all will be well

this too shall pass

written by me, February 2015
Frosty Leaves
Frosty Twigs

Inspired by the Lens-Artists Photo Challenge: Winter.

By Suzy Shipman

I like to take photos and write words ...


  1. These are exquisite images Suzy (no need to be blue about it!). It is also as quite nostalgic for me. The very first lens artist post theme was Wonder. I called my post: The wonder of fire in ice…

    So to see the fire and ice poem here is actually quite special. My fire was a bit different though as the wording of an old FIREstone tyre was set in ice. but I also featured various plants with ice on them


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