On the Hook, 25/7/20

This week hasn’t seen a huge amount of crochet progress, but there has been some. I have actually started on some projects that I can’t share, so it’s going to look like I haven’t done much for a while to come now.

First off, Baby Pandemonium…

I have actually done more than you can see here, because I realised I’d gained a couple of stitches and had to frog it back. I then got distracted by secret things so I haven’t actually completed this week’s parts – I’m only part way through part 5, and I haven’t started part 6. Part 7 comes out tomorrow, so I might go back to it, depends on how much I can resist the lure of new things!

I’ve done some more work on side 2 of the Pandemonium-inspired cushion. I added some tulips, as mentioned last time, but not sure what is coming next (or when!).

I have also done some work on my daughter’s cardigan but there is still a fair old way to go. I have done more past the sleeve than before it now, so it’s coming along.

Finally for today, I’ll share one of my birthday presents (it’s my birthday today!). Some lovely lovely yarn from my mum:

So squishy and such lovely colours! I have Cygnet Prism DK in Glow, and Cygnet Watercolour DK in Blue Horizon. Excited to see what I make out of these gorgeous yarns 🙂

By Suzy Shipman

I like to take photos and write words ...

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