On the Hook, 11/7/20

Well after last week’s grand reveal of the finished Pandemonium CAL blanket, I thought there would be nothing much to report this week. However, the lovely designers surprised us with a bonus blanket, the Baby Pandemonium! On Sunday morning when many of us were thinking “oh no it’s Sunday and no more pandemonium parts”, there it was! A new blanket!

So as the name suggests, it’s a smaller blanket designed for a baby, and it’s not the same pattern as the original blanket. It will include many of the stitches, but in a new design. So far we’ve had 2 parts, with part 3 coming tomorrow morning.

Part 1: can you guess what those bobbles are going to make?! 😉

Part 2: yes, they were hearts, and then some lovely pink beads 🙂

I’m using a bunch of nice pastel colours from my stash. This particular blue, and the lemon yellow weren’t in the big blanket, but I thought they would be a nice addition to this one. Now I just need a friend or family member to announce they’re expecting so it will have a home to go to!

Before the surprise of the new pattern, I was experimenting with an idea to try and make a cushion with the same style as the the original blanket. There was a LOT of frogging involved! I kept trying things and starting again. In the end this is what I have so far.

Some granny clusters and waves:

Starting off a set of loops:

It’s resting on the cushion I made out of the squares from the Kaleidoscope CAL. I have another cushion pad the same size so it’s useful to see how much further I need to go.

It looks a little wonky, but I’m hoping that will add to the charm, rather than looking daft! I was trying to do the maths to work out where to put the clusters etc, and it was hard! As you can see on the granny cluster rows, the corners are a bit weird. But anyway, I still like it, so will carry on and do 2 more rows of loops and then see how much space there is for another row or 2.

The question then is what do I do on the other side? Same as this side, or try and pick out some other stitches from the blanket? Perhaps I could try and incorporate some dragonflies and some tulips. Who knows?!

By Suzy Shipman

I like to take photos and write words ...

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