On the Hook, 4/7/20

This week has been mainly focused on the final stages of the Pandemonium CAL. It is now completely finished! I haven’t done any other crochet this week – making a border all the way around a very large blanket is rather time consuming!

So here it is. The first few photos were from part way through the border and then the sillier ones at the end are my celebration of the completely finished blanket 🙂

Here’s what I wrote on Facebook last night when I finished:

On a serious note, this blanket has been such a special creation. There are CALs and then there are CALs like this one… where there has been such joy, despite all that is going on in the world. This blanket is precious and will be loved and snuggled under for many years to come. It shows that beauty and hope can come out of darkness and fear. You might think it’s just a pretty blanket, but I think for most of us here, it’s more than that. It’s been a sanity saver, a joy bringer, it’s given us purpose and soothed our souls.Thank you from me and Bobby the cat x

I guess I’d better get on and get my daughter’s cardigan done now! It’s going to be so strange not working on the blanket anymore.

By Suzy Shipman

I like to take photos and write words ...


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