On the Hook, 20/6/20

This week has seen the completion of parts 23 and 24 of the Pandemonium CAL. It’s exciting to see it near finishing, but it’s sad too as I will miss it when it’s finished.

Here’s part 23:

As you can see in part 23 we continued with more loops (Jacob’s ladder) and reached the last loop of the set of 4.

In part 24 we finished off that set of loops and started some granny clusters:

Other things I’ve been working on this week are my ombre jumper and my daughter’s cardigan. I was just doing the jumper between Pandemonium parts, but my daughter reminded me that she would actually like to get the chance to wear her new cardigan this summer please! 🙂

On the jumper I’ve reached the bottom and I’m now adding the rib. It’s interesting as it’s being worked sideways along the bottom of the jumper, attaching as it goes. I changed it a little as it was meant to be slip stitches and I’m using dcs (UK terms). I liked the effect of the slip stitch version but it was hard work as it was tight and I decided DCs would be easier.

So although I was at quite an exciting point on the jumper, I had to go back to the cardigan! We’ve now reached the first armhole. It’s funny working on 2 items which have such drastically different construction. The jumper is top down and the cardigan is going from side to side.

By Suzy Shipman

I like to take photos and write words ...

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