On the Hook, 6/6/20

This week has seen the Pandemonium CAL get out of the teens, as we’ve done parts 19 and 20. It’s getting really big. Won’t be long until it covers the full length of the sofa!

Here’s part 19:

Big bobbles and some back and front post work 🙂

Now for part 20:

Some more cute little flowers! 🙂 These ones are green and pink like the first ones were, but it’s a different shade of both colours so they’re not exactly the same.

As usual, looking forward to seeing what comes next in part 21 tomorrow!

In other news this week, I’ve gone back to the lilac cardigan (briefly), started a cardigan for my daughter, and started another Pandemonium blanket in self striping aran weight yarn!

Lilac cardigan now looks like this:

It has shrunk a lot, and is now growing again, without any shaping, as I think that will work better for me.

This is the start of my daughter’s new cardigan:

She wanted a long, casual, light, summery cardigan in a neutral colour, and I found this pattern on Ravelry. It’s called the Sophie Cardi by Eva Pack. It’s interesting as it’s actually going sideways rather than your usual top down or bottom up makes. As you can see in the first pic, I’m creating the bottom rib as I go along. I stopped at this point as I only had just under a ball of this yarn left over from her skirt (it’s the bottom stripe colour), but now some more yarn has arrived so I can continue (between Pandemonium parts of course). It’s a lovely texture with griddle stitch (tr,dc,tr,dc…).

And finally, Pandemonium blanket number 2… I saw some lovely colour changing yarn on the Aldi website. It took a very long time to get here, but now it’s finally here I couldn’t resist starting another Pandemonium blanket and seeing how it looks with colour changing yarn, rather than changing the colour deliberately. It’s a thicker yarn than I’ve been using for my first blanket so it’s going to end up even bigger! 🙂

The yarn is called Knit and Purl Ombre Yarn in shade Geode. I got 6 200g balls for only £19.99, which is very cheap when you compare it to some other colour changing cake yarn. For example for the same amount of Caron Cakes I’d have to pay around £45! Perhaps the quality of the yarn might not be as good, but it’s going to be a blanket not clothing, so I don’t care 🙂 This one might end up replacing the blanket I started before as a sofa blanket to stop the leather feeling cold!

Right that’s it for my crochet update. Hope those of you reading who like to craft have had a craft-filled week 🙂 By the way, can you believe it – it’s June and I have posted a crochet update every single week for the whole of this year so far!

By Suzy Shipman

I like to take photos and write words ...

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