On the Hook, 30/5/20

This week I’ve completed parts 17 and 18 of my Pandemonium blanket, as well as finishing the wraparound skirt I was working on.

Pandemonium CAL Part 17 – more pretty pink petals and some blue clusters.

Pandemonium CAL Part 18 – more dragonflies, yay! 😀

If you’re being observant you might notice that at the end of part 17 I switched to green after the blue clusters, but then on part 18, that green has moved to come after the dragonflies. I didn’t think the dragons would look so good in green, so I redid the last row of 17 so the dragonfly section is in a pale pink instead. I’ve used the green at the next colour change instead.

Looking forward to the next part, out tomorrow morning.

The wraparound skirt is now finished, and my daughter has been wearing it happily. I’m really pleased with it. If you are interested in the pattern, here are the details:

Pattern: Wraparound Skirt, by Rhian Drinkwater in Inside Crochet issue 125.
Yarn: Stylecraft Linen Drape.
Cat: confused!

Bobby (the cat) was quite confused about what was going on and was a little sulky that we were doing a photoshoot and not cuddling him.

This is the sort of thing he prefers. This was taken a few days back, but he’s in pretty much the same position right now!! 🤣

Excuse the quality. This is what he likes to do – makes it a tad difficult to type!

By Suzy Shipman

I like to take photos and write words ...


    1. It’s just the name the designers came up with. They were planning a CAL (crochet-a-long) for people who were stuck at home due to Covid-19. It was meant to use up your stash of yarn so you’d end up with a random collection of colours. So from ‘pandemic’ and that riot of colours came the word ‘pandemonium’. Everyone following along with the CAL is using whatever colours they have, but we’re all using the same pattern. So there is a massive variety of beautiful pandemic pandemonium blankets being created – a little bit of warmth and comfort in these peculiar times.

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