Pretty in Pink

What a lovely theme for this week’s Lens Artists Photo Challenge – delicate colours. There are some very bright and eye catching colours in nature, but some of the most beautiful flowers are delicate, soft, pastel colours. I am lucky enough to have several growing in the garden, most with no assistance from me – they just appeared and I am happy to see them.

In the hedge to the side of our house is a soft pink rose. It’s always been there but in the last few years hasn’t had a great show. But this year there are loads of flowers, and more buds on their way.

It smells lovely too 🙂

I also have a Dog Rose growing wild in amongst the brambles. It has one single flower open so far. I struggled to get a shot of it today as it’s rather windy, but I did manage a couple of crisp shots. You might think at first glance that these 2 photos are the same, but different parts are in focus, and I couldn’t decide what I prefered, so we’ll have both!

Focus is on the stamens at the front of the flower
Focus is on the stamens towards the back

While on my windy wander round the garden today I noticed a bee enjoying visiting my Osteospermum flowers, so of course couldn’t resist a photo. A lovely contrast between the orangy colours and the delicate pale pink of the petals.

Off to see what everyone else has come up with… thanks for reading! 🙂

By Suzy Shipman

I like to take photos and write words ...


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