On the Hook, 23/5/20

This week has mostly been about the Pandemonium CAL and the wraparound skirt, although I must admit to starting yet another project too!

As usual there have been 2 parts released for the CAL this week – parts 15 and 16.

Here’s how things looked at the end of part 15 (on Sunday):

And here we are now at the end of part 16:

The pink petals at the end of this part remind me of when there’s cherry blossom on trees and it gets a bit windy so there are petals everywhere 🙂

The wraparound skirt is looking a lot more ‘skirty’ and my daughter is keen for me to finish it so she can wear it. I’ve just started the last colour so it won’t be long:

Then, my other project… I was between Pandemonium parts and had an urge to make something new, so had a look in my stash for yarn, and found a pattern. I found some lovely bright blue Robin Chunky yarn my mum gave me, and a free pattern from Crocheters Have More Fun called the ‘Clara Circular Yoke Sweater’. It was such a change using a bigger hook (6.5) but fun to do something different. I didn’t get much done as my daughter was nagging me to get back to the skirt when I wasn’t doing the blanket! 🙂 It’s a continuous pattern with no slip stitch joins, kind of like amigurumi really. It’s going to make a warm jumper which may not get worn much at the moment if the weather stays nice, but I’ll appreciate it in the autumn.

By Suzy Shipman

I like to take photos and write words ...

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