When this is over

When this is over
I will not rush
to people
to shops
to restaurants, bars, cafes
to once-again busy streets
I will rush
in the opposite direction
to disconnect
to sit here
to be
to feel
to observe
to drench myself in quiet
immerse myself in nature
and let it restore my soul

And after I’ve sat for a while, I’ll go and look for some of my favourite things …

Small Skipper Butterfly
Black Darter Dragonfly (male)
Black Darter Dragonfly (female)
Emerald Damselfly
Azure Damselfly
Large Red Damselfly
Green Hairstreak Butterfly
Common Lizard (not that common around here!)

Inspired by the Lens-Artists Photo Challenge #92: Going Back.

All photos taken at Cors Caron, a local nature research that I can’t currently visit due to the coronavirus pandemic. My garden is lovely, and the village pond and woods are lovely, but I miss Cors Caron and I want to go back.

By Suzy Shipman

I like to take photos and write words ...


  1. I absolutely love your dragonfly and damselfly images, Suzy. The species are not the same ones that I see where I live, but they look to be cousins to “my” species. Many of my favorite nature spots are also closed and some that are open get too crowded for me to feel safe and comfortable. I am fortunate to be able to visit occasionally a few remote locations and am thrilled that I have managed to spot a few dragonflies this season. I am very much of the same mind as you about how to spend my time when this is over. I enjoy spending time with people in small doses, but love to immerse myself in nature for longer periods.

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  2. Thank you for sharing your beautiful macro images. That garden looks to be a lovely place to disconnect from the real world. In a sense, it’s a place we should be able to retire and be alone, but I suspect if it were open, people wouldn’t be as “alone” as they should be right now.

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