Last Snake of 2020

Yesterday I celebrated the first butterfly photo of 2020. Today I’m celebrating the last of my snakes … Snake’s Head Fritillaries of course, not actual snakes. I had six flowers this year and here’s how the sixth flower has been getting on.

This is flower number 6 as it was on March 22nd:

By April 4th it was looking more like the full grown flower:

It grew a little just by the following day (April 5th):

And finally, here it is today:

Such a beauty! It’s a shame that is the last one, but now I get to watch them grow their seeds as other plants start to grow up around them. There is a lot of other growth going on around the pond so there is a lot to look forward to as spring develops.

I did actually venture out for a walk around the village today. It’s so odd to have to consider whether it’s OK to go for a walk or not. But we’re allowed out for exercise and of course I kept my distance from the few villagers I met. Photos from that walk in my next post 🙂

By Suzy Shipman

I like to take photos and write words ...


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