On the Hook, 14/3/20

Well, I can safely say that I will not be completing my Kaleidoscope Blanket by the end of the CAL! I’ve only done one triangle this week! Very slack. But I will get there eventually, so no worries.

I have been crocheting though, of course… I bought myself a new (to me) dress from eBay the other day and it has some lilac colours in it. I thought, hmm, I could do with a lilac cardi to go with this. So with the help of a voucher, and a 3 for 2 offer, I got an excellent bargain on WI Premium Acrylic from HobbyCraft, and found a pattern I like. The pattern I’m using is actually one for a v-neck jumper which I’d already bought, but I think it will work well as a cardi too. It’s called Reina Sweater and the pattern is by Courtney A Clark.

So how is it going so far?

Day 1 (Tuesday)
Day 2 (Wednesday)

Didn’t take a picture of Thursday’s progress.

Day 4: this is where I got up to last night (Friday)

The yarn is nice and soft and squishy, a pleasure to work with. The stitch used is an extended single crochet (ESC – US term) and it gives a quite close, but stretchy texture which I’m liking.

When I’ve finished this, I might well start another one in mint green as I feel the need for pastel coloured cardis!

Last week I also mentioned macrame. Over that weekend I made 3 pot holders, and I’m pretty proud of myself. They’re not using any complex knots or anything, but as I’ve never tried macrame before it before I was pretty chuffed.

Here are my happy dangling plants:

Our living room window looks lovely now 🙂

All the plants in the window, and you can also see our planted wheelbarrow outside!

By Suzy Shipman

I like to take photos and write words ...


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