On Saturday we went round to the pond in the village to do some work for my daughter’s project (The Barley Hollow Project). On the way we stopped by the church wall to see if there were any snowdrops. There were some there as well as a few further down the road. So I had a happy (but painful) few minutes squatting close to the ground and getting some photos.

This one is my favourite
There were a lot of droplets which was pretty.
Droplets on closed snowdrops
I like how the little green marks are peeking out in this picture

Snowdrops are the flowers that mark the beginning of the floral year. Soon there will be crocuses, primroses, celandines, daisies, red dead-nettles, hazel catkins, elm flowers … and so many more through the year. I cant wait! 😁

By Suzy Shipman

I like to take photos and write words ...

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