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After my post yesterday about the most popular posts on my blog, I was asked what my own favourite photos of the year would be. So I’ve been having a think and these are the photos I liked best this year…

First I’ve chosen this Snowdrop from the beginning of the year. I always try and get some shots of Snowdrops, but they often end up a little bedraggled, growing as they do in the hedgerows by the road. This one is clean and fresh and looks beautiful 🙂

As you know I love the horses at Dyfed Shires, but I’m also fascinated by the Llamas. They have such expressive faces. Here’s one of my favourite Llama shots:

In March, I was delighted to see my Snake’s Head Fritillary blooming again. The flowers don’t last long, and they’re so unusual, so I was really glad to get a shot of them flowering this year.

One of my favourite spring flowers are Cuckooflowers. I take photos of them every year, and this was my favourite shot of 2019:

I have a very soft spot for Weevils. They’re odd little things, many of them have a trunk-like nose which makes me think of them as teeny tiny elephants. I didn’t spot many in 2019, but here’s one I did find:

I love bees, and I have many, many photos of them. This photo, while not being as crisply focused as I would like, shows what I like so much in spring/summer – flowers and bees, lots of insect activity, warmth and sunshine …

Of course I couldn’t have a post about my favourite photos without featuring dragonflies and damselflies! Azure damselflies are quite common, but getting a shot without a busy background is not always possible. This one one of the better ones:

That damselfly shot was taken at Cors Caron back in May. It was quite a fruitful visit in terms of photos as I was also able to get a shot of a Green Hairstreak butterfly while I was there. There’s one spot where I’ll usually find them if it’s the right time of year, and they always make me happy 🙂

I’ve also enjoyed photographing insects in my garden this year. I love this shot, even though it could have been better lit. This bee has spent so much time on my pink Scabious flower, it has got covered in pink pollen and its pollen sacks aren’t the usual orange colour!

Back to Damselflies again for the next one. I see plenty of Large Red Damselflies and Azures, but only occasionally get to see an Emerald, so I’m always excited to get a shot of one. This one was kind enough to pose for me on a birthday trip to Cors Caron.

And what about the dragons? This female Black Darter also posed nicely for my birthday:

And here’s a lovely female Common Darter spending some time on a gate and allowing photos from every angle!

Finally my absolute favourite of the year. Capturing dragonflies in flight is really, really hard! And I was so chuffed to find this image of a Southern Hawker in flight was in focus:

Hope you enjoyed my favourite shots. Hopefully 2020 will bring plenty more opportunities to photograph my favourite insects 🙂

Inspired by a comment on my last post and by the Lens-Artists Photo Challenge: Favourite Photos of 2019.

By Suzy Shipman

I like to take photos and write words ...


  1. Fantastic shots – knowing how difficult they are to capture and how many times I have tried – you are a real pro! Glorious series – my favorites are the Snake’s Head Fritillary and the lovely Weevil!

    Liked by 1 person

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